“Kat Sullivan kneels. She wears loose pants, no shirt, and has a line painted up and down her center from front to back (a seam). In a single spot of light, she ripples up, following a pulse which travels up her spine, into her arms and then up her neck, then she collapses. It's a single movement which could look like prayer if it was not so abstracted and cold. More than anything it looks like she is inflated with air for a moment, then deflated. Then she inflates again. This is relentless and unchanging. (Pulse. Pulse. Pulse.) The lights fade, then come up again; [Megan] Bridge, in another spot and similarly (un)dressed, with the same seam, joins her, and (though not in unison, or even on the same rhythm) they continue together.”

 - from the review And Yet We’re Still Here, covering <fidget>’s SP3, published on thINKingDANCE

They took turns waving their bodies in a pattern at first gently, then gaining in strength like seaweed in a stormy ocean or an electronic device becoming fully charged.

 - from the review Dancing in digital and analog, covering <fidget>’s SP3, published on Broad Street Review

“A central dramatic duet with Bridge and Kat Sullivan, in shadowy spotlights, bare-chested with a black line painted down the center of their bodies.  Price’s soundscape floats a sonic concussive wave that seems to bolt through their whole being. Their accelerating undulations getting more violent as they extend their torsos bodies back as if in a ritualized trance.  Dropping down to the floor they conclude the sequence each bowing their bodies skyward in a yogic arc. ”

 - from the review fidget’s quantum dance leaps with SP3, covering <fidget>’s SP3, published on The Dance Journal

“Sullivan’s movement visuals intrigue, even as they get more cryptic and just when you think there might be a clue to the meaning, the lights go out.”

 - from the review COME TOGETHER FESTIVAL: Dance Review, Part 2, covering Kat J. Sullivan’s Reign, published on Phindie